Matthew 12:39

But None Will Be Given It Except The Sign Of The Prophet Jonah


The official site of J. John Braley.

This website is to inform you of a book that the Lord had me write.

In it, I explain how God gave me the title. I did not title the book, and would not dare to give it this title if God hadn’t told me to do so.

Oppose The Antichrist

If there’s ever been a time to oppose the spirit of antichrist, that time is now. It might not be convenient, but it never will be. You won’t find anything about the end times in the book. This is not about eschatology. This is about a current word from God.

G. Washington

I have uncovered who George Washington’s closest confidant was during the Revolutionary War, and it’s not good. The reality of who this confidant was, in person and in his influence, was purposely hidden from the public. It was a very intentional deception on the part of both of them.


You need to know that God has confirmed the title of this book to me since the 2016 presidential election was decided. Obviously, God knew who the next president was going to be, and if the problems were going to be solved by this…

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