About The Author

Government is a very powerful presence in people’s lives. Today there is a tremendous amount of secrecy in our government, under which circumstances, things can be manipulated, paving the way for more corruption and control.

As it says in John 14:6, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. He is a friend of sinners and loves us. He is on the side of those who want justice, including, of course, in government. However, we first have to recognize the problems by seeing things as they really are.

We have to get honest about things now, and we have to get to the bottom of things, as far as what allows this culture of corruption in our government. Concerning repentance, prayer is only one aspect of it; we must also turn from our wicked ways (2nd Chronicles 7:14-15), and this has to include sins of omission. Thereby, we must amend our government to make it truly representative, and absolutely ensure that it cannot be controlled by secret societies. True repentance must include this.

John was a citizen informant to the FBI against the Mafia. Due to his experiences with the FBI and the Mafia he has been working for years to reveal the truth about corruption in the U.S. government. It is now time for you to know the truth and incorporate it into your life.

On March 21st of 2013, God gave John the title to this book. This was the same day that President Obama met with President Abbas in the West Bank.

John is part of a local church in Burlington, Vermont. He believes in the outpouring of the Spirit and working to change things for the better. John has been persecuted for 35 years by the mafia, and 28 years by the government.

What was prophesied over him concerning the book was; “teacher, instructor, write it down.”