Across The River

We are in the spiritual war of our lifetimes. This is as serious as it gets. If we want to avoid destruction we have to change, which starts with changing how you think.

We must now cross over and start living the way that is pleasing to God. This first means that we have to repent. After that, we will then have to get corruption out of the government. Due to the corruption, their lust of power, and the level of insanity among them, there is no choice left except to deal with it. We can’t repent and leave things as they are. It should be obvious as to why that is no longer an option.

What you really need to understand is, that in order to bring change, the control by the secret societies has to be done away with. You need to understand the strategies that they are using against us. These strategies allow them a system of control. You also need to understand the extent to which they use the media to try to control how people think.

We have serious, serious choices to make. There are giants in the land, but to a Spirit-filled believer these can be overcome.

America has a choice to make, and this time we must choose wisdom. God has had enough of our sin, our luke-warm state, and honestly, living lives of lies.

Repentance means not only to have heartfelt sorrow about things, but it also means to change how you think. That’s where this book is going to help you. I want to help you get to a healthy place of mental clarity. The devil has conned us into destroying ourselves and we are literally at the edge now. We need serious change in our lives. We have to stop and think about things. What really means something? What is really valuable? The word salvation comes from the word “sozo,” which refers to your entire well-being. We need sozo, and that only comes through Jesus and the help of the Holy Spirit.