You need to know that God has confirmed the title of this book to me since the 2016 presidential election took place. Obviously, God knew who the next president was going to be, and he would have no need to reaffirm the title of this book if the result of the election would be bringing solutions to our problems, but such is not the case.

As far as the election goes, we still have support for gay marriage, and we don’t have any indication from the Supreme Court that they plan to do anything against abortion. I didn’t see that there was any direct statement from Judge Gorsuch that he was going to go against these things. As far as the court goes, we will need people that clearly state that they are opposed to such things. There are states which are acting against abortion, which is a wonderful thing. Kavanaugh, another Catholic, is not definitive one way or the other.

I thought Trump was going to win the election, and I also believed the campaigns were just another bunch of lies, and the outcome had been decided long ago. Now we are starting to see the fruit of President Trump’s labor, and a considerable amount of it is not good. He didn’t replace the  Affordable Care Act (which is a control device), he gave tax breaks that favor the rich (they only favor others in the short run, like a sugar high), and the deficit just keeps increasing quite dramatically. President Trump has also increased the defense budget to $750 billion. The country next in line in total defense spending is China, which reportedly spends a total of $188 billion-next is Russia, which reported spends a total of $84 billion, and the numbers go down from there.

This is not to give credit to the democrats, because both parties have long been corrupted and controlled. Also, many say the seeds of the economic recovery were planted long ago. There also was a news report concerning the how much federal money has been used in this “recovery”, such that a large part of this is federal money being used that simply is increasing the deficit.

There are numerous pictures available on the net where you can see President Trump is clearly, and overtly, giving Masonic hand signals. Most of them look very intentional. Quite honestly, as some would like to see President Trump as cavalier and independent, there are, inevitably, relationships with the corrupt elite along the way, which he had to, and wanted to cultivate, in order to essentially be who he is. The powerful bankers, the real estate magnates, and the entertainment industry are mostly run by various types of papal servants, and high level Freemasons, who are sold out to the devil. The man he called “his Pastor” (Norman Vincent Peale) was a very high level Freemason. 

Please take note that even fairly recently, Trump has publicly stated that he has never asked Jesus for forgiveness. There’s only two realms here. Either you are doing your best to follow Jesus, or you still have a wicked nature.

I am very aware that at various times God has used evil people for good purposes. That’s a wonderful thing, and due to the prayers of certain people (not talking about myself here, though I do pray for him), I believe that’s what we’re seeing here. Thank God. His support for Israel is incredibly important. I am of the opinion that moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem is a very good thing. As well as being supportive of efforts to annex parts of the West Bank.

President Trump and his cabinet have already told us (by commission or omission) that they aren’t going to do anything about most of the more powerful issue’s of corruption and criminality in the government, and in relation to the government. We need a reformation. Band aids and a few minor changes aren’t going to do it.

I ended up in a place where dealing with the FBI was the only logical option. I have been able to scrutinize them extensively because of all the street theater operations they have run against me, and whatever these divisions are, they are completely corrupt. Which means that whoever is controlling these divisions is completely corrupt also.  And this hasn’t changed over many years, so this is not just a few at the top, it is systematic. Which makes it clear that this is no short term policy glitch. This is long term criminal behavior. I also believe the CIA is a similar situation. 

Remember who was invited, and was the first one was to “pray” at the inauguration. What the heck he was talking about-who knows. It sure didn’t sound like the Bible.