G. Washington

I have uncovered who George Washington’s closest confidant was during the Revolutionary War, and it’s not good. The reality of who this confidant was, in person and in his influence, was purposely hidden from the public. It was a very intentional deception on the part of both of them.

Though many people might call me a revisionist, often, in cases of great importance, history has already been revised. The story line has been falsified to hide the actions of certain actors. The whole story, or the real story, isn’t there. 

There is a quote which is sometimes attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte (sometimes others) which says: “history is written by the victors.” Why is this quote a reality?- because it is a way to control how people think. Very simple. It doesn’t always work, but quite often it does. I would submit to you, that revisionist history is pretty much the norm in major events throughout history. Of course, in some circumstances a lot more than others, but it is a tool to conceal the whole, or real story.

You want proof? In my book I have quotes from this confidant, and most, if not all of you have no idea whatsoever who he was. I can tell you that it’s very important to know about this. I have information about this individual, and quotes from George Washington as well. I also have a quote from a state Governor at the time, that very much confirms that this person was Washington’s closest confidant.

I am showing this part of history in it’s correct context. It had already been revised.