Hope or Fear

Often I hear preachers speaking in a way that seems to be condemning people such as myself, though, speaking for myself, they have never talked to me or read my book. This is a fallacy, and I would definitely encourage them to think about what their doing.

My book is about a solemn warning. It is also, of course, about solutions. To ridicule this is beyond sad-and I don’t mean that on a personal level. The sooner you realize that this is God’s message to us, the safer we will all be. I am called to be obedient and do what the Lord tells me to do. For you, I would very highly encourage you to get the knowledge contained in this book. Please, do not waver in getting to the truth.

Quite honestly, this exhortation might not apply to you, but this warning definitely does. If you live in the United States, YOU are responsible once you have heard of the message.

I am not a negative person. Never have been. I had worked on this book for quite a few years and I had no idea what God was going to give it for a title.

So, I would like to encourage you-increase your knowledge while it is still daylight.